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From the Edge of the Desert (more)2007 08 03
Hey Hey, Get Out of Our Way, We Just Got Back from the USA (more)2007 08 01
CBC Interview in Yellowknife (more)2007 08 01
At Ferry, Washington, USA Border Crossing (more)2007 08 01
Evening in Castlegar (more)2007 07 31
Grand Forks, Heartland of the Doukhobors (more)2007 07 31
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movies (more)2007 07 31
Near New Denver, BC (more)2007 07 31
Near Christina Lake, BC - 34 Degrees in the Shade (more)2007 07 31
Quick Update from Castlegar, BC (more)2007 07 29
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Two More National Parks (more)2007 07 24
Over Kicking Horse Pass (more)2007 07 22
Hello from Lake Louise (more)2007 07 21
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Trip Photo Gallery (more)2007 07 17
1500 kms - Half Way to Vancouver! (more)2007 07 17
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Riding to Fairview (more)2007 07 11
Grande Prairie is Grand - Unless You?re on a Bike (more)2007 07 11
Abandoned Farm Between Grimshaw and Fairview (more)2007 07 11
Ice Cream in Rycroft, AB (more)2007 07 11
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