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Recent Articles: Science and Technology / Environment / Recycling
France: The straw bale urinal that makes compost from 'liquid gold' (more)2013 11 25
UK: Tesco's war on food waste (more)2013 11 25
Huge rise in Trident spending branded as 'dodgy accounting' (more)2013 11 24
UK government refuses to consider fate of Trident after independence (more)2013 11 24
Letting the rivers run naturally to save homes from being flooded (more)2013 11 23
Torness nuclear reactor closed down by seaweed again (more)2013 11 23
Go-ahead for new opencast coal mine despite fierce opposition (more)2013 11 18
How water from old coal mines could heat a third of Scotland (more)2013 11 17
Big six under fire for blaming price rises on green costs (more)2013 11 17
MBT Composting is Unjustified and a Waste of Money (more)2013 11 16
Bid to 'sell off nature' to companies under fire (more)2013 11 13
The 'scandal' of landowners shooting thousands of mountain hares every year (more)2013 11 12
Five nuclear sites with most safety problems named by government watchdog (more)2013 11 05
Trump under fire for golf plan in the US (more)2013 11 03
Fight to save wildlife from Cairngorm housing schemes funded by cosmetics f (more)2013 11 03
Landowner makes new bid to bring wolves and bears back to Scotland (more)2013 10 28
MoD disclose 11 safety incidents at nuclear submarine bases (more)2013 10 28
Landfill Energy Systems Power Ahead in the United States (more)2013 10 27
Scottish watchdog labelled 'lapdog' after agreeing to keep fish farm deaths (more)2013 10 26
Government move creates problem for coal gas development (more)2013 10 26
Revealed: the 185 big companies that are failing the planet (more)2013 10 26
Universities under pressure on their £5bn investment in fossil fuels (more)2013 10 26
'Alarming' increase in fruit treated with toxic pesticides (more)2013 10 13
MoD under attack for not cleaning up Dalgety Bay (more)2013 10 13
Voting Yes will help the environment, says referendum campaign (more)2013 10 09
Edinburgh University pulls funding from lethal drone firm (more)2013 09 29
The corkscrew seal massacre: trying to track down the culprits (more)2013 09 29
The corkscrew massacre: how seals and porpoises are being cruelly killed by (more)2013 09 29
Dirty Dumfries waste incinerator lodges appeal against closure (more)2013 09 26
The 4 Types of Nuclear Waste and UK Nuclear Decommissioning Stats (more)2013 09 25
Revealed: Scotland's 267 dirty polluters (more)2013 09 22
The day Britain's nuclear warheads got a shock (more)2013 09 07
Quay safety fear triggers ban on launch of nuclear submarine (more)2013 09 07
Row over 'suppressed' study suggesting rats were killed by GM food (more)2013 09 01
Organic food slump ends as sales start to rise again (more)2013 09 01
Scotland's dirtiest waste incinerator to be barred from operating (more)2013 08 27
NCE's Annual Contractors File 2013 and a List Top UK Civil Engineering Cont (more)2013 08 26
Troubled waste incinerator on verge of bankruptcy and closure (more)2013 08 26
BT facing questions from investors over links to drone strikes (more)2013 08 25
UK government under fire for trying to 'hide' air pollution by cutting back (more)2013 08 22
Council forces Trump to back down on planning breach at golf resort (more)2013 08 18
Revealed: how the police planned to downplay Trump film (more)2013 08 18
The MoD's private plans to buy more of Cape Wrath condemned as 'arrogant' (more)2013 08 12
Three of Britain's nuclear warheads are being dismantled every year (more)2013 08 12
Britain's old nuclear submarines are wearing out and running risks, warns M (more)2013 08 04
Aberdeenshire police accused of acting like Trump's 'private security force (more)2013 08 04
Kept under wraps: the £500 million of public money given to landowners (more)2013 07 29
Bitter row over RSPB plans to expand ancient Caledonian forest (more)2013 07 29
How UK Landfill Problems Led To Action And A Plea For More Recycling In YOU (more)2013 07 27
BT under fire for helping deadly US drone strikes (more)2013 07 21
Councillor scolded for talking to BBC about Trump (more)2013 07 21
Revealed: the real cost of getting rid of Trident (more)2013 07 14
Reuse old toothbrush - clean toilet bowl (more)2013 07 13
How Much Does It Cost To Tip Waste - A Good Question To Ask (more)2013 07 12
Ministers risk legal action for approving freight terminal without checking (more)2013 07 10
The boss who backed contentious coal gas plan resigns (more)2013 07 07
Climate pollution brings major threats to all, government reports warn (more)2013 07 07
Heatwaves, floods and storms all over the world (more)2013 07 07
Monitoring humanity's pollution from a mountain in Hawaii (more)2013 07 07
Nuke dust disaster: how the MoD thinks the media will report a nuclear bomb (more)2013 07 04
Revealed: the dirty coal wars being waged in Canonbie (more)2013 07 02
The climate pollution that could come from exploiting underground gas (more)2013 07 02
Scottish fracking licences to be dropped (more)2013 07 02
Electronic Duty of Care - Tackling The Challenges to the UK Waste Industry (more)2013 07 01
Pollution from planned wood-burning plant will be 'like two million cars' (more)2013 06 23
Scotland could meet its climate targets by eating better (more)2013 06 19
Where are the anti-radiation pills meant to prevent cancers? No-one will sa (more)2013 06 19
MoD to be quizzed on nuclear bomb crash exercise that went wrong (more)2013 06 19
Trump under fire from council for breaking planning rules at golf resort (more)2013 06 19
Wild flowers are being wiped out by industrial farming (more)2013 06 19
No Title (more)2013 06 14
Revealed: the fatal flaws in UK plans to cope with nuclear road crash (more)2013 06 12
Environment agency under fire for 'cheating' to dodge beach pollution (more)2013 06 04
Revealed: the wildlife jewels in Scotland's crown that are being ruined (more)2013 05 29
London; Community goods exchange event (more)2013 05 20
Plans for gas development delayed as talks break down (more)2013 05 20
Revealed: the millions of metallic particles inhaled on the Glasgow subway (more)2013 05 20
Air pollution: the mass killer that keeps on killing (more)2013 05 20
Taking the subway through clouds of pollution (more)2013 05 20
Babcock demands public funding for Rosyth inquiry costs (more)2013 05 20
How Much to Tip Waste? - Information on Landfill Gate Fees (more)2013 05 17
Nuclear submarines banned from lochs because of safety fears (more)2013 05 16
RBS under fire for backing coal companies that blast away mountaintops (more)2013 05 12
Revealed: the dirty dozen salmon farms that contaminate lochs with pesticid (more)2013 05 05
16 tips for using freedom of information law in the UK (more)2013 04 30
Lochhead accused of 'spineless sell-out' on bee pesticides (more)2013 04 28
Victory claimed as MoD drops uranium weapons tests (more)2013 04 28
Scottish government ordered to name seal-shooting salmon farms (more)2013 04 28
Legal controls on seal shooting are 'pointless', says salmon company (more)2013 04 22
Trump adverts against Salmond and wind farms ruled misleading (more)2013 04 22
Why is it so Important that the UK Waste Industry Self Regulates SRF Qualit (more)2013 04 17
Revealed: nuclear submarine mishap on the Clyde (more)2013 04 14
The opencast coal scars that may never heal (more)2013 04 14
Probe into leaking gas claims (more)2013 04 14
Exposing expenses to try and regain trust (more)2013 04 11
Carbon Capture and Storage - Quite Possibly The Last Chance Before Runaway (more)2013 04 07
Revealed: the problem that could hamper underground gas development (more)2013 04 07
Row over the bird fair linked to an estate that's killed birds (more)2013 04 07
Company accused of hiding gas fracking plans (more)2013 03 31
Safety fears after nuclear bomb store avoids independent inspections (more)2013 03 31

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