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Recent Articles: Jokes and Humor
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Seven Japanese men arrested for getting buck naked at Chinese restaurant an (more)2013 12 01
Photoshop John Boehner's web browser [Photoshop] (more)2013 12 01
Offering topless hairstyling to customers? No problem. Without a cosmetolog (more)2013 12 01
Shop worker 'treated like a slave because he is English'. Or maybe because (more)2013 12 01
God just bogarted from us a billionaire who was one of the most generous su (more)2013 12 01
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French tattoo artists oppose government plan to outlaw: A) single owner sho (more)2013 12 01
Woman ordered to stop using her home as a.) an illegal casino, b.) a drug d (more)2013 12 01
Model T found submerged in Mississippi River remains a mystery. McCain for (more)2013 12 01
Bishop dresses as homeless man and visits his church's service on Thanksgiv (more)2013 12 01
Kim Jong Un lookalike turns heads in Hong Kong, confuses Dennis Rodman [Amu (more)2013 12 01
O-o [Dumbass] (more)2013 12 01
Latest victim of an urban myth suffers broken nose and jaw [Scary] (more)2013 12 01
All your Caturdays belong to me, for I am Napoleon the cat and the world be (more)2013 12 01
Buzzfeed decides to protect those precious snowflake authors from meanies w (more)2013 12 01
Church group handing out free Thanksgiving meals to the homeless at a park (more)2013 12 01
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Recently completed study concludes that the dynamics of the academia job ma (more)2013 11 30
Photoshop this NASA rollout [Photoshop] (more)2013 11 30
There's sex and then there's 'broke the bed, curtain rod and window sill' k (more)2013 11 30
The most terrifying outhouse in the world sits on the edge of an 8,500-foot (more)2013 11 30
Starbucks involved in venti collision with SUV [Scary] (more)2013 11 30
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The 10 sexiest towns in Britain - the Irish community of Bangor is number o (more)2013 11 30
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Ok so the world is about to end, what do we need to survive? 1000 tins of b (more)2013 11 30
Can't afford to stay in line during Black Friday in the cold Alaskan weathe (more)2013 11 30
The University of Colorado to name two dorms after female rappers [Cool] (more)2013 11 30
So that feeding-your-enemy-to-pigs thing from 'Snatch' really does happen f (more)2013 11 30
North Carolina police seize 76 pot plants, or as Denver residents call it: (more)2013 11 30
... father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have m (more)2013 11 30
The best, coolest and most poignant GI Zippo lighters from the Vietnam war (more)2013 11 30
Nothing quite says I love you like chasing your partner down the street wit (more)2013 11 30
Canadian woman denied entry into the U.S. due to depression. Not certain if (more)2013 11 30
Good day, eh. I'm crackalactic Toronto mayor Bob Ford and this is my brothe (more)2013 11 30
Caught on video: two police officers hold down grandfather while he's shot (more)2013 11 30
Woman lights boyfriend's underpants on fire, presumably because he was a li (more)2013 11 30
Artist builds a 98-foot tall sculpture of a creepily majestic horse in a Sc (more)2013 11 30
Here's a pro-Qtip: Your ears might need to be cleaned if there's a dandelio (more)2013 11 30
The only reason you're fat is because your home is too warm [Obvious] (more)2013 11 30
It's closing time. Hurry 'n' finish ya beers. Chop-chop [Scary] (more)2013 11 30
German cops are now eating criminals in the most successful crime-preventio (more)2013 11 30
Can it really qualify as a 'Hunger Games' themed wedding if they don't make (more)2013 11 30
Teenagers throw homeless man out of airplane [Spiffy] (more)2013 11 30
If you've taken ten Ambien, you should reconsider taking your six year old (more)2013 11 30
For $1.35 million you can live in a replica of the Alamo, complete with his (more)2013 11 30
Deck the halls with boughs of holly. Fa la la la la, la la la la. Fight at (more)2013 11 30
Bacon, Beer, and women jumping around? No, you're not dreaming [Spiffy] (more)2013 11 30
The lesson to learn from Black Friday: Shopping is a sport, and corporation (more)2013 11 30
New York takes down all of its signs reminding dog owners to clean up after (more)2013 11 30
'Mongolians bravely swallow a glass of pickled sheep eyeballs mixed into to (more)2013 11 30
There's drunk, and then there's 'steal a newspaper truck to flee from zombi (more)2013 11 30
You ever wish you could just tell off the loud, obnoxious passenger in 7A? (more)2013 11 30
Long Island woman born with a deformity says she would give an arm and a le (more)2013 11 30
Theme: Take a famous picture and turn it into a selfie [Photoshop] (more)2013 11 30
Cop lets driver out of Thanksgiving speeding ticket in exchange for revving (more)2013 11 30
Remember how you treated yourself to a vacation in Singapore for a wild, gu (more)2013 11 30
The future of flight: still only one complimentary beverage, but sex and sp (more)2013 11 30
Getting shot behind the wheel of your car while dragging a police officer t (more)2013 11 30
Cool tradeshow: International Association of Amusement Parks where you can (more)2013 11 30
If your birthday is in September there's a good chance that means you were (more)2013 11 30
The US nuclear missile codes during the Cold War were either never moved fr (more)2013 11 30
Pope Francis is irritating hardline Catholics after his decision to ramp up (more)2013 11 30
Woman files lawsuit after hiding drugs in the one place she thought a corre (more)2013 11 30
It's time for the Fark Weird News Quiz: Black Friday edition [Survey] (more)2013 11 30
While Denver airport and police officials were downplaying baggage thefts d (more)2013 11 30
Old and Busted: Road rage. New Hotness: Pavement rage [Amusing] (more)2013 11 30
Dog falls in love with goose, gets down [Sappy] (more)2013 11 30
You wreck your hummer breaking your girlfriend's pelvis. Do you: a) wait fo (more)2013 11 30

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