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Globe had very warm October; year is 7th-warmest so far (more)2013 11 21
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November weather in Phuket (more)2013 11 20
Scores of tornadoes kill 6, injure at least 37 in Midwest (more)2013 11 19
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Families take shelter aboard typhoon ship that crushed their homes (more)2013 11 19
Scores of tornadoes kill 5, injure at least 37 in Midwest (more)2013 11 19
Scores of tornadoes kill 4, injure at least 37 in Midwest (more)2013 11 19
Path of destruction: Aerials show tornado's trail (more)2013 11 19
Cyclone Cleopatra sweeps Italy's Sardinia, killing at least 17 (more)2013 11 19
Storms, high winds thrash European coastline (more)2013 11 19
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Deadly storms head Northeast after carving trail of destruction in Midwest (more)2013 11 19
Cyclone Cleopatra kills at least 14 in Italy (more)2013 11 19
Damage from worst-in-a-century Midwest storm system could cost $1 billion (more)2013 11 19
Midwest Cleans up 2013's Biggest Severe Weather Outbreak; Floods Kill 17 i (more)2013 11 19
Rare November Tornado Outbreak Kills 6; Subtropical Storm Melissa Forms (more)2013 11 19
Tornadoes, severe storms blast Midwest (more)2013 11 18
Monday forecast: Storms head for East Coast (more)2013 11 18
Statistics and Climate (more)2013 11 18
Dangerous 'High Risk' Midwest U.S. Tornado Outbreak Underway (more)2013 11 17
How bizarre are tornadoes in November? (more)2013 11 17
Illinois tornado caught on camera (more)2013 11 17
How bizarre are tornadoes in November? (more)2013 11 17
'The whole neighborhood's gone': Deadly storm leaves path of destruction in (more)2013 11 17
'The whole neighborhood's gone': Deadly tornadoes leave path of destruction (more)2013 11 17
53 million people at risk as powerful Midwest storm brings tornadoes, sever (more)2013 11 17
Powerful Midwest storm threatens severe tornadoes, damaging winds (more)2013 11 17

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